Why Choose SmartCover?

In March 2020 the mask market exploded.
In days, companies around the world joined the bandwagon to design reusable face coverings for the general public.
It’s easy - during an industry boom - to become overwhelmed with the sudden influx of available options. Which masks are effective? What design is comfortable? What materials are organic?
This specialized brand arrived in the nick of time providing masks replicating the medical blueprint prescribed by the W.H.O.
What sets them apart from everyone else?


consisting of a Nanotechnology shell, a SMS filter and finally an organic cotton lining.

UV Protectant & Waterproof

combats 99.9% of aerosols for increased safety.

Easy to wash.

This includes the filter so no need to purchase a disposable insert.


with precise crafting around cheek / neck contour

Soft-Elastic Straps

ensure maximum comfort when worn for long lengths of time.

What makes SmartCover really admirable is their Buy-One-Give-One platform that has allowed their masks to reach the most vulnerable around the world.

Experience strong immunity

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