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CE marked from notified body 0370 PPE grade tested under EN149:2001.
Compliant under the Personal Protective Equipment Regulation.

We have created a mask that checks all the boxes. From superior protection to ultimate comfort, SmartCover has it all.


SmartCover FFP2 is the only reusable FFP2 on the market with CE certification and tested according to the EN149:2001 on the PPE directive.


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The Nano Structure

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We donate

As you continue to choose SmartCover, you'll continue to make a difference in the lives of individuals. With every purchase from our stores we donate the product, medical supplies or money to those in need. Contact us to get more info


We have donated Smartcover masks to various organisations, such as Waterloo Food Banks .


Over 300000 medical masks and respirators were sent across the globe to medical and care facilities.


We have partnered with Work for Good in order to donate money to charities and funds.


We partnered with you to make your community safer. Get a donation box to share with neighbours or local community centres.

What professionals Think

Smartcover masks help to protect other people from fine droplets and particles that are expelled e.g. when speaking, coughing or sneezing (external protection). It is important that the mouth and nose are covered and that the mask is as close as possible to the edges. There are now first scientific indications for this third-party protection through masks.

Jörn Klein

“Of all the masks I have used since this pandemic, SMARTCover stood out in comfort. The material was so soothing to the skin and there was ease of breathing, unlike in other masks which usually get in the way of the nostrils.

The air was fresh and it was also fitting that there was no steam on my glasses. Such a great delight to use this product.”

Uche A. MD, PhD



Thanks to embeded nano membranes, Smartcover passed the EN149 testing and now matches the standard for FFP2 disposable masks.