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Why block noise with more noise? Find silence even in the loudest places by using the simple reusable SmartCover earplugs. 

Easily relax, meditate, focus and sleep - even in congested spaces - with noise-canceling earplugs.

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We donate

As you continue to choose SmartCover, you'll continue to make a difference in the lives of individuals. With every purchase from our stores we donate the product, medical supplies or money to those in need. Contact us to get more info help@smartcoverco.com


We have donated Smartcover masks to various organisations, such as Waterloo Food Banks .


Over 300000 medical masks and respirators were sent across the globe to medical and care facilities.


We have partnered with Work for Good in order to donate money to charities and funds.


We partnered with you to make your community safer. Get a donation box to share with neighbours or local community centres.